Mad about the boy by Helen Fielding

Photo Credit: Jason Bell.

I’ve been waiting twelve years for the sequel of Bridget Jones’s Diary. Six months ago, when I learned that it was about to be published with a movie in development, I was really excited!

Now, with the mega spoiler alert given by the author herself, a lot of readers (including me) will just refuse to read it.

These books were a modern retelling of Lizzy, Darcy and Wickham. They were about romance and fun. I would never want to read a sequel about a widowed Lizzy looking for a new husband!!!

5 thoughts on “Mad about the boy by Helen Fielding”

  1. This is very, very sad!! I will not read this book. In fact, I was thinking about the sequel to Bridget Jones “The Edge of Reason” and how I thought that Fielding missed this opportunity to really develop Bridget Jones beyond the shallow ditz that she starts out being in the original Bridget Jones diary. Instead, she sends here on some ridiculous adventure excursion. She clearly does not want to delve into a real relationship with Bridget’s character for whatever reason.

    1. I totally agree with you. When I read Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination in 2004, I was so disappointed that I lost hope for a good Bridget Jones sequel. Too bad for us.

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