Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston (2005)


Episode 1 Rose : The Doctor lands on Earth just in time to save department store worker Rose Tyler from a horde of marauding mannequins – plunging the pair into a desperate battle against a malevolent alien intelligence with the ability to bring plastic to life.

Episode 2 The End of the World : The Doctor takes Rose forward in time to witness the destruction of Earth in a solar explosion – but it seems a murderer is stalking the alien delegates who have gathered to watch the event. Guest starring Zoe Wanamaker.

Episode 3 The Unquiet Dead : The dead rise from their graves in Victorian Cardiff and a sinister race of gas-based life-forms is on the loose. Luckily, the Doctor and Rose just happen to be visiting and set out to investigate the nefarious activities of the local undertaker – with a little help from Charles Dickens. Guest starring Simon Callow.

Episode 4 Aliens of London Part one : The Doctor takes Rose back to London – but their trip coincides with another, more dramatic alien arrival as a spaceship plunges into the Thames. In the ensuing panic, the authorities quarantine the capital from the rest of the world – and even Rose’s own home is no refuge from the sinister Slitheen.

Episode 5 World War Three Part two : The Doctor, Rose and Harriet find themselves trapped inside 10 Downing Street, unable to thwart the Slitheen, who deceive the United Nations into thinking Earth is about to suffer an attack from space unless they retaliate soon. As their evil objective is finally revealed, the fate of the world rests in Mickey’s hands.

Episode 6 Dalek : The Doctor investigates the last relic of an alien race held by a billionaire collector beneath the salt plains of Utah – and plunges into a battle against his oldest and deadliest enemies. Guest starring Bruno Langley.

Episode 7 The Long Game:  The Doctor takes Rose and Adam to a space station orbiting Earth in the far future, a time when life on Earth is dominated by the Satellite 5 broadcasting system. However, it is not long before the Time Lord suspects the sinister media organisation is manipulating and controlling the human race to its own ends. Guest starring Simon Pegg and Tamsin Greig.

Episode 8 Father’s Day : The Doctor takes Rose back to the day of her father’s death in 1987, where she changes history by saving his life. A terrifying force is unleashed which tries to repair the damage done to the timeline by destroying the entire human race.

Episode 9 The Empty Child Part one : The Doctor and Rose land in London in 1941, at the height of the Blitz, and discover the city’s homeless children are being terrorised by a ghostly youngster. To add to the mystery, the Army is guarding a peculiar cylinder – and a dashing time-travelling criminal soon threatens the Doctor’s hero status in Rose’s eyes. Guest starring Richard Wilson and John Barrowman.

Episode 10 The Doctor Dances Part two :  As the Child’s plague spreads and London is overrun by an army of zombies, the Doctor and Rose join forces with intergalactic conman Captain Jack in a bid to save the world.

Episode 11 Boom Town : The Doctor visits Cardiff, where he encounters an enemy he thought was dead. It turns out that a scheme to build a new power station conceals an alien plot that threatens to destroy the entire world.

Episode 12 Bad Wolf Part one : The Doctor, Rose and Jack fight for their lives through a series of lethal game shows, little suspecting a more sinister threat is lurking in the shadows – one that could spell the end for the entire human race.

Episode 13 The Parting of the Ways Part two : The Doctor’s friendship with Rose is put to the ultimate test as Earth is plunged into all-out war against the Daleks, forcing him to take desperate measures to save humanity from annihilation.

Sci-fi adventure, starring Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke.

I discovered Doctor Who six months ago with David Tennant in Blink. I fell for that show right away and decided to begin with the first new series. Eccleston is just perfect in that role and I will miss him even if Tennant is my favourite Doctor, well… for now; Peter Capaldi seems quite promising.

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