Whitechapel Series 4 Case 2


Part one : Miles and Chandler’s latest case takes them deep into the world of modern art after the discovery of a flayed human face at Whitechapel Gallery. Interpreting some Russian prison tattoos suggests a link to organised crime, but what is the significance of the mysterious footsteps heard in empty corridors at the police station? As the investigation progresses, the killer strikes again, leaving a coded message, and Buchan’s desperate search for answers leads him on a dangerous path.

Part two : As the killer runs rings around the team, striking quickly and leaving coded messages at the crime scenes, Chandler and Miles start to question the motives behind the gruesome deeds. The investigation is then further hampered when a new eyewitness claims the murderer looks like an old lady, and as the body count rises, Buchan works hard to find a precedent – but his research looks set to put him in danger.

Crime thriller, starring Rupert Penry-Jones, Phil Davis and Steve Pemberton.

I have to admit that sometimes I had to look away from the screen. It’s a comfort to hear Rupert Penry-Jones in an interview saying that he’s frightened as well as me by those stories ( especially the first case ).

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