Agatha Christie’s Poirot : The Big Four (2013)


The sleuth is reunited with sidekick Captain Hastings, secretary Miss Lemon and Inspector Japp in a case that plunges him into the world of global espionage as the Second World War looms. The public are in panic after the shocking death of Russian grandmaster Ivan Savaranoff during a game of chess. Poirot must try to determine the good guys from the bad, as a complex plot by a gang of dangerous dissidents sees a host of international figures used like pawns.

Mystery, starring David Suchet, Hugh Fraser, Pauline Moran and Philip Jaskson.

I’ve read Agatha Christie’s novel so many years ago that I didn’t recall the storyline before watching this adaptation written by Mark Gatiss and Ian Hallard. It’s her fourth novel with Hercule Poirot out of  thirty three and this plot is not, in my opinion, one of her best. I’ll have to reread it to be able to compare with this episode. Anyway, I can’t believe that there will be only three more stories to watch with David Suchet as Poirot!

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