Doctor Who with David Tennant Part 1 (2006)


The Christmas Invasion : It is Christmas, but there is little cause for celebration as planet Earth is invaded by aliens known as the Sycorax. It’s up to Rose and the newly regenerated Doctor to save humanity, with a bit of help from her boyfriend Mickey and her mother Jackie.

Episode 1 New Earth : The Doctor and Rose travel to an alien world in the far future, where mankind has settled after the destruction of Earth. On arrival, they discover a luxury hospital conceals sinister secrets and an old enemy they thought dead is plotting revenge.

Episode 2 Tooth and Claw : The Doctor and Rose travel back to 19th-century Scotland, where they encounter Queen Victoria and discover the sinister plot of an order of warrior monks. Meanwhile, legends of a werewolf prowling the Highlands turn out to be more fact than fiction.

Episode 3 School Reunion : As the Doctor investigates reports of strange creatures haunting a London school, he encounters an old friend and her faithful robot companion. Meanwhile, Rose learns a few harsh truths from her predecessor about travelling with a Time Lord.

Episode 4 The Girl in the Fireplace : The Doctor and his companions arrive on an abandoned spaceship, which allows them to travel back in time to 18th-century France. A little girl the Doctor befriends grows up to be Louis XV’s mistress, and the time lord must discover why she is being pursued all her life by the ship’s sinister clockwork robots.

Episode 5 Rise of the Cybermen Part one : The Tardis is unexpectedly thrown into a parallel universe. While Rose is amazed to learn her father is still alive in this alternative reality, the Doctor discovers a new generation of one of his old enemies, the Cybermen, is poised to take over the world.

Episode 6 The Age of Steel Part two : The Cybermen seize control of London and begin transforming the population into more of their kind. Jackie falls under Lumic’s control, while the Doctor and his companions are forced to go on the run. As the mechanical villains’ power grows, a desperate attack is mounted on the factory at the heart of their schemes.

Episode 7 The Idiot’s Lantern : The Doctor and Rose arrive in 1950s London, just as the nation is preparing to watch the Queen’s Coronation on new TVs – unaware the boxes hold a sinister secret.

Episode 8 The Impossible Planet Part one : The Doctor and Rose are trapped on a desolate planet orbiting a black hole, where they encounter a team of human explorers sent to mine the world’s resources. The research team’s alien servants begin to show a more sinister side to their nature, while far beneath the surface, something monstrous is about to awaken.

Episode 9 The Satan Pit Part two : Rose and the remaining humans are trapped on the base with the possessed Ood, while the planet floats helplessly towards a black hole. Meanwhile, the Doctor is about to discover exactly what “Beast” is trapped in the heart of the impossible planet.

Episode 10 Love and Monsters : An ordinary guy called Elton become obsessed with the Doctor, Rose and their mysterious blue box. But when joins a group of like-minded people, their investigations bring them to the attention of Victor Kennedy, and a harmless hobby is plunged into a living nightmare.

Episode 11 Fear Her : The Doctor and Rose travel to 2012 to see the London Olympics. However, danger lurks nearby in a seemingly normal household, as a mother desperately tries to conceal her daughter’s unearthly powers.

Episode 12 Army of Ghosts Part one : The Doctor and Rose investigate the mysterious Torchwood Tower as ghostly apparitions appear all over the world and head back to their former homes. But before long, a far deadlier threat emerges as an old enemy returns with plans to invade Earth.

Episode 13 Doomsday Part two : The human race is caught in the middle of an interplanetary war, as two of the Doctor’s deadliest enemies – the Daleks and the Cybermen – battle it out on the streets of present-day London. As the Daleks prepare to activate their mysterious secret weapon, the Doctor joins forces with rebels from the Cybermen’s own world to get rid of both alien armies.


The Runaway Bride : No sooner has the Doctor said a tear-stained farewell to Rose Tyler than he finds himself face to face with a woman in a big white wedding dress. And she’s not in a very good mood. As the Doctor races to get the bride to the church on time, they are pursued by an army of evil Santas, and it soon becomes clear that she is the key to an ancient alien plan. For the first time, Catherine Tate appears as Donna Noble, the Doctor’s future companion in the fourth new series.

Sci-fi adventure, starring David Tennant, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri, Shaun Dingwall and Noel Clarke.

There a great continuity between this second new series and the one with Christopher Eccleston thanks to Rose Tyler’s strong relationship with the Doctor. Billie Piper really moved me in the episodes with her father (Father’s day, Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel) and of course at the end of Doomsday. I will miss her.

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