Single Father (2010)


Episode 1 Photographer Dave struggles to raise four children alone following the death of his partner in a traffic collision. Matters become more complicated when he finds himself growing closer to her best friend, and his eldest daughter turns her back on him in a bid to find her real father.

Episode 2 A confused Dave tries to avoid Sarah when he drops Evie off at school, but is forced to discuss their kiss when he meets her at his daughter’s parents’ evening. In an effort to be supportive, he tracks down Lucy’s biological father, only to learn an unsettling secret about Rita that makes him question their relationship. Elsewhere, Tanya is afraid to confide in Dave when she ruins an important set of photos, and a desperate Ewan deliberately harms himself.

Episode 3 Dave and Sarah worry about what Evie might have seen – but the youngster is not giving anything away. Meanwhile, Sarah issues Dave with an ultimatum after he begins obsessively checking through Rita’s diaries, and a visit to Stuart’s house results in the lawyer making a tempting offer.

Episode 4 As Dave awaits the start of the inquest into Rita’s death, he is worried to learn Lucy and Ewan plan to attend – and once proceedings are under way, the photographer begins to question the future of his relationship with Sarah. Elsewhere, Matt heads to the studio in a rage, but events take an unexpected turn when he runs into Tanya.

Romantic drama, starring David Tennant, Suranne Jones, Rupert Graves, Laura Fraser and Warren Brown.

This four part drama is at the beginning pretty emotional and it’s rather hard to watch David Tennant shedding tears. With this first part after Doctor Who, David Tennant is great as usual.

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