Agatha Christie’s Poirot : Curtain – Poirot’s final case (2013)


Crippled with arthritis, Poirot is now using a wheelchair and has a life-threatening heart condition, but remains as sharp as ever. Calling on old friend Captain Hastings for assistance, he returns to Styles, where the pair first met 30 years earlier on a murder investigation. The detective is convinced the country house is once again harbouring a killer, and as guests fall victim to a mysterious attacker, he must summon the last of his strength to battle his ultimate nemesis.

Detective drama, starring David Suchet, Hugh Fraser, Anne Reid, Philip Glenister, Helen Baxendale, Matthew McNulty, Anna Madeley and Shaun Dingwall.


In the documentary ‘Being Poirot’, David Suchet embarks on a personal journey to explore the appeal of Agatha Christie’s enduring character, having played the role on screen since 1989, and prepares for his final days’ filming on set. The actor also travels to Belgium in search of the detective’s roots and visits the author’s former summer retreat in Devon, where he first met her family 25 years ago after being cast in the series.

First of all, the location where that episode was filmed is quite different from the one seen in the Mysterious Affair at Styles that was adapted more than twenty years ago. In 1991, we could see a splendid big cottage and in this last episode, a place that looked like more a small castle; it’s true that we are dealing with a lot more characters in this story than in the first Poirot’s case, so they needed more space.

I have to say that David Suchet was just perfect – well, he is always perfect as Hercule Poirot – but he was particularly in that last episode. Kevin Elyot’s adaptation is faithful to Agatha Christie’s novel and the cast is great.

“I don’t see how I can do a story that isn’t based on something written by Agatha Christie,” said David Suchet in an interview. As a fan of her books for more than thirty years, I have no intention to read Sophie Hannah’s novel next year. Agatha Christie wrote Curtain in the forties with the wish that it was published after her death, because she didn’t want somebody else using her characters in another story. It was her last will. And I, as a reader, will be faithful to it.

I didn’t cry when I saw that last episode, because as we can reread books with pleasure, we can watch David Suchet as Poirot again and again, thanks to DVDs or VOD. And I’m looking forward to reading David Suchet’s book ‘Poirot and me’ :


As a last word, I’ll just say “Chapeau bas, Monsieur Suchet!” ( Hats off to you, Mr Suchet ! )

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