The Escape Artist (2013)


Episode 1 : Will Burton is a highly talented junior barrister who is in great demand, having never lost a case, much to the frustration of his courtroom rival Maggie Gardner. But when he successfully defends Liam Foyle, who was standing trial for a high-profile murder, he has reason to regret his peerless legal skills. For Foyle is a serial killer – and before long he is on the hunt for his next victim.

Episode 2 : Liam Foyle is back in the dock and Maggie is leading his defence, determined to prove she is Will’s equal by getting the serial killer acquitted. The prosecution barristers are less confident – with no physical evidence and key witness Will unable to get involved, they need all the help they can get. As the defendant continues to terrorise his loved ones, can the brilliant barrister find a way to assist without jeopardising the trial?

Episode 3 : Will and Maggie go to great lengths to win the case, finding themselves ever closer to the cunning and dangerous Liam Foyle. However, as Will faces the sickening prospect that the killer may walk free again, he is forced to look beyond the profession that has sustained him all his adult life and seek the ultimate justice.

Crime thriller written by David Wolstencroft, starring David Tennant, Toby Kebbell, Ashley Jensen, Sophie Okonedo, Anton Lesser, Roy Marsden and Stephen Wight.

It’s a very well written TV drama with a fantastic cast and I have to confess that I’ve needed to take a break in the middle of the third episode to cool down a bit, and took the opportunity to make a cup of tea !… 

Be careful ! ***  Spoiler alert ! *** Don’t read the rest if you haven’t watched it yet!

That thriller was pretty intense, and even if you are against death penalty or the fact of taking care of the justice yourself, the character of Liam Foyle, played splendidly by Toby Kebbell, is particularly scary and dangerous that you are relieved to know that he will be not able to hurt someone anymore…

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