Doctor Who with Matt Smith Part 2 (2011)


Episode 1 The Impossible Astronaut Part one : Three envelopes coloured the TARDIS’s distinctive shade of blue summon the Doctor, Amy and Rory to the middle of the Utah desert, where they are reunited with the enigmatic River Song. With the mysterious missives still unexplained, the time traveller agrees to investigate further, and his quest takes him to 1969 – and an encounter with US president Richard Nixon and a sinister astronaut.

Episode 2  Day Of The Moon Part two : As an alien force occupies Earth, Canton Delaware sets out to free the Doctor from the perfect prison and reunite him with Amy, Rory and River Song. With the help of President Nixon, the heroes resolve to lead the hypnotised human race in a revolution against the invaders, in the hope of driving them out and rescuing the missing child.

***** The first encounter with the Silence who I think are really scary. I loved that two part story filmed in the USA and I’m looking forward to watch what’s gonna happen about the shocking moment when the Doctor dies.

Episode 3 The Curse of the Black Spot : The TARDIS lands on board a 17th-century pirate ship stranded in the middle of the ocean, and the Doctor discovers members of the crew are being attacked by a mysterious and beautiful creature known as the Siren. As more buccaneers fall under the seductress’s spell, the Time Lord struggles to gain the trust of the vessel’s implacable captain and find a way to bring his troubles to an end.

**** I didn’t like the idea of pirates but I loved the idea of the Siren being an alien doctor.


Episode 4 The Doctor’s Wife : In an episode penned by sci-fi writer Neil Gaiman, a distress signal from an old friend provides the Time Lord with a glimmer of hope that he might not be the last of his kind. Following the beacon to a junkyard planet, the companions are greeted by a strange family, and the beautiful but unhinged Idris, who claims to be the TARDIS in human form.

*** Original but I didn’t get into that story. Maybe if I watch it again. We’ll see …

Episode 5 The Rebel Flesh Part one : A solar tsunami causes the TARDIS to land at a futuristic factory on Earth, where humans are making use of a mysterious pool to create drone-like doppelgangers of themselves. The clones are directed by their masters to mine dangerous acids, but when a second wave hits, they begin to develop ideas of their own.


Episode 6 The Almost People Part two : As the solar storm continues to rage, a doppelganger seeks revenge against her makers and vows to lead her fellow slaves in a revolution against humanity. However, with the installation crumbling around them, there is no time for disputes and the Doctor struggles to help both parties put aside their differences and solve the problem together.

*** Bizarre but original and of course the end is quite shocking !

Episode 7 A Good Man Goes To War : Amy is kidnapped and in her cell in Stormcage, River Song reluctantly acknowledges the approach of the Battle of Demons Run, the conflict that will see the Doctor face his darkest hour. Meanwhile, the Time Lord races across galaxies to gather his allies for a rescue mission, unaware that he is straying into a carefully concealed trap.

***** I liked the idea of all the Doctor’s allies, who we met in different stories earlier. We learn at last who is really River Song … Melody Pond.


Episode 8 Let’s Kill Hitler : The Doctor’s frantic search for the infant Melody Pond takes him to 1930s Berlin, where he comes face to face with Adolf Hitler. He quickly finds he is not the only time traveller at large in Nazi Germany when he meets a younger, deadlier version of a familiar face, as well as other visitors from the future on a ruthless mission of justice.

**** I really loved the idea of River Song being able to regenerate as well. And we discover the Teselecta, a shapechanging, human-looking robot manned by a human crew from the future miniaturised inside it.

Episode 9 Night Terrors : A child’s bedroom is turned into the scariest place in the universe when his cupboard becomes home to every kind of fear imaginable. His parents remain baffled by the problem, so the boy makes a desperate bid for help. When his cries manage to break the barriers of time and space, the Doctor decides to make a house call.

*** The author of this story is Mark Gatiss, who is afraid of dolls. It’s not the case for me …


Episode 10 The Girl Who Waited : Amy is trapped in a quarantine facility for victims of an alien plague, one that threatens to claim the Doctor’s life within a day. With the Time Lord incapacitated, it is up to Rory to break in and rescue her before the medics in charge can administer their dreaded treatment. However, incarceration brings out very different aspects of his wife’s personality.

**** This story is rather terrifying for me. Poor Amelia waiting for 36 years .

Episode 11 The God’s Complex : The TARDIS lands in a kitsch 1980s-style hotel where all is not quite what it seems. As the Doctor, Amy and Rory explore, they discover moving walls, twisting corridors and rooms containing deadly nightmares tailored to fit each visitor.

** I didn’t get the meaning of this story. The parting with Amy and Rory was sad but the car is cool .


Episode 12 Closing Time : The date of the Doctor’s death approaches, and in the last few days of his life he decides to pay a visit to his old friend Craig Owens. However, when people begin to go missing and a mysterious silver rat appears in a department store, the Time Lord is drawn into an encounter with one of his oldest foes.

***** I’m so happy that Craig was back in this story .


Episode 13 The Wedding Of River Song : Earth’s past, present and future overlap as the whole of time and space begins to fall apart. The only thing that can save the universe is for the Doctor to die, and mysterious aliens the Silence are determined to ensure he makes that sacrifice – but neither they nor the Time Lord have reckoned on the love of a good woman.

**** I knew the Teselecta had an important meaning in this series ! Alex Kingston is great, I hope she will be back with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (Christmas Special) : The Time Lord crash-lands on Earth during the Second World War, where he tries to make sure two unfortunate evacuees and their mother have the best Christmas ever. He transports them to a magical land dominated by an enchanted forest – but that is when their troubles really begin.

***** Very moving Christmas special. I loved that story based on C.S.Lewis’ s novel.

Sci-fi adventure, starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston, Mark Sheppard, Hugh Bonneville, Lily Cole, Suranne Jones, Marshall Lancaster, Sarah Smart, Raquel Cassidy, Frances Barber, Nina Toussaint-White, Daniel Mays, David Walliams, James Corden, Ian McNeice, Simon Callow, Claire Skinner, Maurice Cole, Holly Earl, Alexander Armstrong and the voices of Michael Sheen and Imelda Staunton.

Don’t look at the last link if you haven’t watched all Matt Smith’s episodes … ** Spoilers **

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