Doctor Who with Matt Smith Part 3 (2012)

Doctor Who sidekicks

Pond Life : five minisodes featuring the Doctor, Amy, Rory and some surprise familiar faces! En route to visit the Ponds the TARDIS’ Helmic Regulator malfunctions, leaving the Doctor popping up everywhere in time and space.

***** The way Amy and Rory use that lost Ood is so funny !

Asylum of the Daleks

Episode 1  Asylum of the Daleks : The Doctor, Amy and Rory are kidnapped by their deadly foe the Daleks and forced to go on a seemingly impossible mission – to enter the Asylum, a planetary prison containing the most terrifying and insane of the aliens’ kind. They need an escape route, and fast – but with a mad, mechanised army closing in, and the Ponds’ relationship in meltdown, it is up to the Time Lord to save not only their lives but his friends’ marriage.

***** I’m getting used to Matt Smith at last! For once the Daleks are in need of help from the Doctor. For the first time, Jenna Coleman appears in Doctor Who and she’s brilliant; I wonder if her part in this episode is linked to her part as the next companion, since they have the same surname…

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Episode 2 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship : The Time Lord is asked to stop an unmanned spaceship hurtling toward Earth, so he assembles a crack team of helpers – an Egyptian queen, a big-game hunter and the Ponds, plus one. But once on board, they are amazed to find the ancient vessel is carrying live cargo in the shape of dinosaurs. How did the prehistoric creatures get there?

***** I loved that episode, the robots are so funny and we meet Rory’s dad. It was quite an adventure !

Town Called Mercy

Episode 3 A Town Called Mercy : The time-travelling companions arrive in a Wild West town where the residents are being terrorised by a cyborg killing machine. The relentless gunslinger will stop at nothing until it has terminated the remaining name on its hit list – and unfortunately for the Time Lord, it turns out to be targeting an alien doctor.

**** Doctor Who’s version of ‘Cowboys and Aliens’.

Power of 3

Episode 4 The Power Of Three : Earth is invaded by millions of sinister-looking black cubes – but what is their purpose and who sent them? To find out the Doctor is forced to play a waiting game, so moves in with Amy and Rory, but soon drives them up the wall.

**** I know there is only one story with Amelia and Rory left. I will miss them. In this episode we get a glimpse of what could have been the life of the Ponds without he Doctor and we meet for the first time Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart. I really like Rory’s father helping the Ponds to make a choice that he will regret later.

Angels take Manhattan

Episode 5 The Angels Take Manhattan : New York’s statues come to life, and with Rory in grave danger, the Doctor and Amy face a race against time to locate him. Luckily, an old friend has come up with a novel way to guide them.

***** I never thought that I would cry more on a Dr Who episode than ‘Doomsday’ when the 10th Doctor is separated from Rose Tyler. For me the Ponds are linked to the 11th Doctor. I suppose Clara is a great companion, but the story of Amy and Rory is so exceptional, that it won’t be the same. For now, it’s my favourite episode with Matt Smith, since the 11th Hour. And above all, the Weeping Angels are really scary like in ‘Blink’.

P.S. : a minisode that depicts a letter that Rory sent to his father Brian explaining why he and Amy are not returning. This episode was dubbed “the scene that was never shot”, as it was released in complete storyboard drawings.

***** Beautiful conclusion of the love story of Amelia Pond and Rory Williams. I will miss them. I didn’t watch the Time of the Doctor yet. I keep it for tomorrow. Enough tears for now.

Sci-fi adventure, starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Riann Steele, Rupert Graves, Mark Williams, David Bradley, Andrew Brooke, Adrian Scarborough, Steven Berkoff, Jemma Redgrave, Alex Kingston and Mike McShane.

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