Death Comes to Pemberley


Episode 1 : This drama is the sequel to Pride and Prejudice, adapted from the best-selling novel by PD James, which brings Jane Austen’s world back to life in a highly original way – with a murder mystery plot at its centre. The drama picks up six years on from the marriage of Elizabeth and Darcy, as the couple prepare for the lavish annual ball at their magnificent Pemberley home. However, the unannounced arrival of Elizabeth’s wayward sister Lydia brings the event to an abrupt halt when she stumbles in screaming that her husband, Wickham, has been murdered. Darcy leads a search party out to the woodlands and finds a blood-soaked corpse – but it’s not the body they were expecting to find.

Episode 2 : Wickham’s arrest leads to the cancellation of the ball, and Jane arrives to help quell Lydia and Mrs Bennet’s hysterics. Darcy gradually begins to retreat into a version of his younger self, a change which threatens his marriage, and Elizabeth grows concerned after her husband declares that his sister Georgiana must marry for duty, while there are disturbing revelations about and by Louisa Bidwell.

Episode 3 : Elizabeth remains aggrieved at Darcy’s treatment of Georgiana, but her immediate concern is for her sister Lydia, whose husband’s indiscretions and secrets look likely to come to light during his trial for the murder of Captain Denny. As the court case progresses, Darcy realises his preoccupation with Pemberley has served to distance himself from both his wife and his sister, and he reaches out to the pair of them. The trial draws to a close, and Wickham’s fate remains in the balance – until a last-minute turn of events promises to save him from the hangman’s noose.

Crime drama starring Matthew Rhys, Anna Maxwell Martin, Matthew Goode, Jenna Coleman, Eleanor Tomlinson, Tom Ward, Trevor Eve, James Norton, Penelope Keith and James Fleet.


I read PD James’ novel as soon as it was out in November 2011 and I loved it from the beginning to the last page. I knew already that she was a fan of Jane Austen and used to read her novels all the time, so I was sure she would be faithful to Austen’s characters. I loved the fantastic prologue titled ‘The Bennets of Longbourn’ that retold the storyline of Pride and Prejudice with wit and humour, I laughed out loud many times. PD James’ story was brilliant and believable and her style was excellent and faithful to Austen’s writing style. A pleasure to read if you are a Jane Austen fan. I recommend it.

Now regarding this drama , it’s rather faithful to James’ novel except in the end which is really fast and shows Lizzy as Wickham’ s saviour. I mostly loved the beautiful sets and the cloths as well. All the cast is great. Even if I didn’t like the idea of Anna Maxwell Martin as Lizzy, she’s a great actress and I liked her in this part after all. Above all I loved Jenna Coleman as Lydia, she was excellent and I’m pretty sure she had fun playing that part.

As a conclusion, I know I will read the novel again in the near future and it will be a pleasure to watch the drama again as well.


– PD James: Why I wrote a murderous sequel to Pride and Prejudice (RadioTimes)

–  Death Comes to Pemberley’s Matthew Rhys: “The best thing about playing Mr Darcy is that shirt” (RadioTimes)

2 thoughts on “Death Comes to Pemberley”

  1. Great to hear that you liked ‘Death Comes to Pemberley‘ as much as I did! And good to know that the novel is worth reading; I’m really curious now and will definitely put it on my reading list for 2014 🙂

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