Last Tango In Halifax (2012)


Episode 1 : Old friends Celia Dawson and Alan Buttershaw are both widowed and in their 70s, and have not seen each other for 60 years. When they are reunited over the internet and arrange to meet up, they discover it was an unfortunate twist of fate that prevented them getting together all those years ago. All at once, their feelings for each other are reignited and they make a snap decision. But when their daughters – buttoned-up headmistress Caroline and happy-go-lucky farmer Gillian – arrive at the pub to pick their parents up, how will they feel about becoming sisters-in-law?

Episode 2 : Celia and Alan continue their unconventional romance by buying an expensive convertible car instead of an engagement ring. But they do throw a party, where they reveal the reason they never got together 60 years earlier – and who it was that stood in their way. Michael Dobson tries to blackmail Caroline over her relationship with Kate, and although she easily gets rid of him, it’s clear she is uneasy about anyone finding out the truth. Meanwhile, Gillian is worried Raff will discover how his father died from Robbie – so decides to make a confession.


Episode 3 : Celia and Alan hit a stumbling block when the vicar refuses to marry them in church, so they go in search of venues for a civil ceremony – only to find themselves trapped inside a creepy medieval mansion. Gillian encourages John to stick up for himself, so he returns to Harrogate and tells Caroline he is moving back in – whether she likes it or not – sparking another spectacular argument. Raff moves out of the farm after Gillian discovers she is the reason he attacked Paul.

Episode 4 : Alan and Celia’s disappearance has everyone in a panic, so a search party is organised, and when Gillian and Caroline come together in their shared concern, the future step-sisters forge a new bond. Meanwhile, oblivious to all the fuss they have caused, the elderly lovebirds are locked in the spooky Southowram Hall – but while she is worried ghosts are present, he is secretly concerned about chest pains.


Episode 5 : Alan has trouble deciding which of his old friends he should choose to be his best man. Caroline and Gillian discover they were born on the same day, but their respective celebrations descend into emotional chaos when John discovers his wife has been seeing another woman – and he in turn tells Celia.

Episode 6 : Celia reacts badly to John’s revelation that Caroline is gay and makes no attempt to accept her daughter’s new partner, leading to a bitter argument. Worse still, Alan is saddened and embarrassed by her behaviour, prompting him to call off the wedding. At the farm, Gillian invites Robbie over for dinner, intending to make a go of it with him.

Drama starring Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid, Sarah Lancashire, Nicola Walker, Josh Bolt, Tony Gardner, Edward Ashley, Louis Greatorex, Nina Sosanya, Dean Andrews, Sacha Dhawan, Ronni Ancona and Paul Copley.

When I watched two months ago a trailer with Derek Jacobi, Sarah Lancashire and Nicola Walker I told to myself I have to watch that show but I discovered that it was in fact a trailer for the second series. Originally this TV drama was supposed to be a six part story with humour, drama and bittersweet moments. I became easily attached to the different characters thanks to the fantastic cast and I’m glad that the BBC decided to get a sequel.

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