The 7.39


Carl Matthews is happily married with two teenage kids – but he also feels stuck in a rut. As he waits on the platform for the daily commute into Waterloo, he realises his life has become predictable. Sally Thorn has recently moved out of London, where she still works as the manager of a West End health club. But she’s unsure if she likes her new suburban life – or the prospect of marriage to personal trainer Ryan. So when a fight over a seat on the 7.39 train leads Carl and Sally to start talking, there’s a spark between the pair – and suddenly their daily journeys become a whole lot more interesting. Having become close friends on their daily commute, Carl and Sally are forced to fight their feelings for one another, fully aware that the repercussions of a full-blown affair would be life-changing for both of them. And yet despite their best intentions, it seems they simply can’t help falling in love.

Romantic drama written by David Nicholls, starring David Morrissey, Sheridan Smith, Olivia Colman and Sean Maguire.

I loved David Nicholls’ One Day when I read it in 2009. I’ve never wept that much for a book in my all life. I was waiting for a new novel which could be published in the future months, I hope.

So I’m happy, because with ‘The 7.39’ , my lack of romanticism has been filled. Both characters, Carl and Sally are charming from the beginning; their love story started off on the wrong foot and was unlikely to end well. I actually loved the ending which I think is logical for both sides. As David Nicholls discribed that story it’s ‘a romantic drama for grown-ups’. I’d be delighted to watch it again.

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