Luther Series 2


Episode 1 : A grieving Luther returns to work in the wake of his ex-wife’s murder, and immediately finds himself plunged into a nightmarish case. A killer wearing a Punch mask has started to stalk the streets, and as the body count rises, it becomes clear he is determined to enter folklore. However, the detective’s attentions are divided as he also tries to rescue an old friend’s daughter from the dangerous world of prostitution.

Episode 2 : Jenny’s ruthless boss seeks revenge against Luther, whom she believes has stolen her protegee, and demands compensation. However, the detective has other problems to deal with, namely the rescue of Ripley, who has been abducted by the serial killer in preparation for a final murderous set-piece.


Episode 3 : The detective takes a long-overdue holiday to look after Jenny and help her get back on her feet, only for their domestic plans to be interrupted by Ripley with news of a violent attack at a petrol station. To add to Luther’s problems, Baba’s heavies Frank and Toby continue to make their blackmail demands, which he knows he must follow for Jenny’s sake – until he finds a way to exploit the antagonism between the two men.

Episode 4 : The cop is on a knife-edge as he tries to cover up a death, appease the suspicious Baba and protect Jenny from any further harm. But his problems do not end there – with a killer at large whose actions are ruled by a roll of the dice, he has no way of predicting the next move. Despite a moment of doubt, he puts his plan into action – and is dragged deeper into the criminal world than ever before.

Crime thriller, starring Idris Elba, Ruth Wilson, Dermot Crowley, Warren Brown, Paul McGann, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, David Dawson, Lee Ingleby and Steven Robertson.

The murders are still very violent in this new series and it’s rather difficult for me to watch them, especially when people are killed with a hammer, not saying that I’m used to knives. Idris Elba is always brilliant as Luther and I already miss Alice played by Ruth Wilson. I hope she will be back.

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