Death In Paradise – Series 3

Death_in_Paradis Ben Miller

Episode 1 – A group of old university friends arrives on the island for a reunion, only for one of the party to meet a sticky end when he is murdered with an ice-pick. Richard Poole is out of action and unable to investigate the crime, so another British inspector is quickly drafted in to help the team get to the bottom of the mystery, but it soon becomes clear that the newcomer, Humphrey Goodman, will have trouble fitting in. Like Poole, however, he is bright and is soon questioning the partygoers, all of whom are prime suspects, while pondering the biggest mystery of all – how did the culprit commit the crime in full view of all the other guests?

Episode 2 – A zombie movie being filmed on the island ends in real-life horror when a stand-in is poisoned – and new detective inspector Humphrey soon deduces that the unfortunate victim was not the killer’s intended target. He believes the culprit was after lead actress Lexi Cunningham, but the murder plot went wrong. The Caribbean cops focus their attention on three suspects – film director Carl Collins, screenwriter Arnold Finch and production assistant Susie Jenkins. But why would any of them want the star dead?

Death in Paradise 3

Episode 3 – Humphrey and the team are called upon to investigate the death of Fidel’s old school friend, Carlton Paris, who has been shot at home. The victim was last seen alive at an art gallery with Dorothy Foster, a wealthy older woman – and before long they discover he made his living as an escort and had left several disgruntled and heartbroken women in his wake, including a local judge and the wife of a club owner. But as the investigation progresses, Fidel struggles to keep his emotions in check, forcing him to confront some long-buried issues.

Episode 4 – An air stewardess makes her last flight when she is poisoned during her crew’s overnight stay on the island. Humphrey and his team are called to the victim’s hotel and begin by questioning her colleagues, but with so many suspects and so little to go on, they are left scratching their heads trying to work out which of her colleagues wanted her dead – so Dwayne goes rogue to pursue his own line of inquiry.


Episode 5 – The island’s commerce minister is shot dead in his home, and with the incident coming shortly after the exposure of a scandalous affair – not to mention a suicide note at the scene – it looks like an open-and-shut case. But Humphrey isn’t convinced and believes someone else was responsible for the killing, whittling down the possible suspects to leave his betrayed wife, his son and his mistress in the frame. The rest of the team struggles to see past the physical evidence, which still suggests he took his own life – and then matters are complicated even further when Camille gets a blast from the past.

Episode 6 – A birdwatcher is stabbed to death with his own knife, a case that holds a certain fascination for Humphrey, who was a keen twitcher in his youth. The victim was one of a group of enthusiasts who had visited the island for a glimpse of a famous parrot – but the team soon faces a conundrum as all the suspects were in full sight of one another when the crime was committed. As the cops search for answers, they uncover evidence of long-standing rivalries, secret jealousies and romantic entanglements. But would any of it justify killing a harmless ornithologist?


Episode 7 – Humphrey and his colleagues are called to a neighbouring private island whose property developer owner has been shot dead at a family gathering. Five people are in the frame – the victim’s housekeeper, his PA and his three children – although when an approaching hurricane strands the cops on the island, knocking out the phones and computers, they are forced to rely on good old-fashioned investigative techniques. As evening approaches, the cops realise they will be spending the night in a house with a killer. Can they solve the mystery before he or she strikes again?

Episode 8 – DI Goodman is called in to investigate the death of former surgeon Emma Redding at a retirement home. With an empty packet of sleeping pills beside her body and her room locked from the inside, it looks like an open-and-shut case of suicide. However, the team discovers everything is not as it seems and mounting evidence suggests she may in fact have been poisoned. Then, a blast from Humphrey’s past arrives unexpectedly on the island, and looks set to distract him from solving the case.

Detective drama, starring Kris Marshall, Ben Miller, Sara Martins, Danny John-Jules, Gary Carr, Elizabeth Bourgine, Don Warrington, Helen Baxendale, Tim Dutton, Sophie Thompson, Michelle Ryan, Rhys Thomas, Peter Davison, Hannah Tointon, Steven Cole, Vinette Robinson, Adrian Scarborough, Josette Simon, Sharon Small, Sophie Colquhoun, Felicite Du Jeu, Raza Jaffrey, Eriq Ebouaney, Haydn Gwynne, Clarke Peters, Nina Toussaint-White, William Beck, Hannah John-Kamen, Ciaran McMenamin, Jimmy Akingbola, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Joseph Marcell, Caroline Proust, Morven Christie, Joanna David and Phil Davis.

I had the occasion to watch some episodes from the last series and I already liked the idea of a clumsy detective inspector from the UK working in the Caribbean. I have to say first that it is a splendid idea to air this series during the winter, the sun and the beach were most welcomed. The arrival of Love Actually star Kris Marshall disrupts the habits of the Honore police station work team and little by little we discover his logic to find the killer. The stories of this series were all interesting and the watcher is aware rapidly of the new relationship between Camille and Humphrey even before they realise what’s happening. I can’t wait for the fourth series.

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