House Of Cards (1990)

House Of Cards1

Episode 1 – Francis Urquhart is the perfect politician. Impeccably diplomatic, charming, admired, trusted and respected by all. He has faithfully served his party without question, but events are about to spark his ambition. When the long-standing Prime Minister dies, the hunt is on to find a replacement.

Episode 2 – Urquhart is furious when the new Prime Minister, Collingringe, tells him that he is far too valuable in his current post, Chief Whip, to be offered a ministerial position. Hiding his contempt of the man behind his usual urbane smile, he believes the new PM will not last long, and perhaps something can be arranged to hasten his departure?


Episode 3 – As scandals and leaked stories gain momentum, Collingringe find himself in deep political trouble, and he has no alternative but to step down as Prime Minister. The only man whom he feels he can still trust is Urquhart. Meanwhile, political journalst Mattie Storin begins to suspect that Collingringe has been framed. But who is the culprit?

Episode 4 – Urquhart’s ruthless scheming is working. As the leadership election looms, all his leading rivals have been discredited. But even though the obstacles in his way have been erased, there is still no guarantee of his winning. Meanwhile, the truth is beginning to dawn on Mattie. As for Urquhart, he has too much to lose to let sentiment stand in his way.

Political drama, starring Ian Richardson, Susannah Harker, Miles Anderson, Alphonsia Emmanuel, Malcolm Tierney, Diane Fletcher, Colin Jeavons, David Lyon and James Villiers.


Being a fan of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in the American version of House of Cards, I wanted to watch the first adaptation of Michael Dobbs’ trilogy. In the new version the characters are far more developed since each season lasts 13 episodes against 4 for the British drama. I have to confess that I do not really understand how the British politics work and watching documentaries on Margaret Thatcher or this drama don’t enlighten me. Nonetheless, Ian Richardson, beautiful Susannah Harker ( she will play five years later Jane Bennett in Pride and Prejudice) and the rest of the cast are excellent and I’m looking forward to watching the sequel, To Play The King.

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