The Mystery of Edwin Drood (2012)

Edwin Drood

This drama is an adaptation and completion of Charles Dickens’ last novel by screenwriter Gwyneth Hughes.

Part 1: Opium addict and choirmaster at Cloisterham cathedral John Jasper, lusts after schoolgirl orphan Rosa Bud. But she is betrothed to his nephew Edwin Drood, who will inherit a fortune if the mariage goes through. However, when two exotic strangers, twins Helena and Neville Landless, arrive in town, Jasper sees an opportunity to get what he always wanted. But will he allow his dark desires to take shape, and will he get away with it if he does?

Part 2 : With Edwin Drood feared dead, Jasper tries desperately to remember events of the night before. While Neville protests his innocence in the whole affair, Jasper begins to pursue Rosa with an intensity that pushes him to the edge of sanity. But revelations from Helena and Neville point ominously towards the cathedral crypt, where a discovery will surprise everyone involved.

Period drama, starring Matthew Rhys, Rory Kinnear, Freddie Fox, Tamzin Merchant, Alun Armstrong, Julia McKenzie, David Dawson, Ron Cook, Sacha Dhawan, Amber Rose Revah and Alfie Davis.

I wonder if Charles Dickens would have written the same moralistic ending to this dark drama. The cast is great , especially Matthew Rhys is rather terrifying as Jasper.

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