The Politician’s Husband (2013)

The Politician’s Husband

Part 1 : Aiden Hoynes and Freya Gardner are the “golden couple of British politics” as the drama opens. But Aiden is about to torpedo his career with one rash move. He resigns from the Cabinet after his bid for leadership is thwarted by his best friend Bruce Babbish. In the reshuffle, Freya is appointed a minister, while he returns to the back benches and a life of political obscurity. Finally out of her husband’s shadow, Freya is forced to choose between her own career ambitions and publicly supporting her spouse.

Part 2 : After his fall from grace, Aiden is spending more time at home looking after the children and becomes increasingly consumed with jealousy and paranoia as he sits on the sidelines watching Freya’s rise to prominence. Unable to accept his wife’s new-found success or forgive her betrayal, he begins to plot her downfall as well as his old friend Bruce’s.

The Politician’s Husband

Part 3 : Aiden has to defend himself when a sex scandal threatens to derail any chance of a political comeback, as well as doing further damage to his marriage. He discovers Freya has been less than honest about her whereabouts and the time she is spending with Bruce, and decides to gamble everything to ensure he comes out on top.

Political drama, starring David Tennant, Emily Watson, Jack Shepherd, Roger Allam, Ed Stoppard, Anamaria Marinca, Oscar Kennedy and Lucy Hutchinson.

This three part drama is Paula Milne’s companion piece to her 1995 drama The Politician’s Wife, starring Juliet Stevenson, Trevor Eve and Minnie Driver. David Tennant is as usual excellent in this part of jealous and revanchist husband who can’t stand to be left in the background. I first watched him in 2005 drama Secret Smile based on Nicci French’s thriller, and I remember not liking him in the first place as he was good at being bad. In any case, what I prefer in this drama is the two minutes conclusion with Freya’s last stare at her husband.

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