Scott & Bailey – Series 1 (2011)

Scott & Bailey1

Episode 1 This drama is following the personal and professional lives of two detectives working for a Manchester police unit that specialises in murder cases. DC Janet Scott and DC Rachel Bailey investigate the case of a pregnant woman who was killed in her bedroom. Meanwhile, Rachel’s love life takes a turn for the worse and Janet gets a call that reawakens a past tragedy.

Episode 2 Janet reopens the investigation into the murder of childhood friend Veronica, Rachel receives news that makes her personal life even more complicated, and a teenage murderer is successfully charged, but horrific events start to unravel following his arrest.

Scott & Bailey 3

Episode 3 Rachel discovers her ex-partner is the defending barrister for Georgios Stelikos, a man on trial for rape and murder, and she is horrified when the accused escapes conviction. When Stelikos is later found dead, the prime suspect is Hannah Conway, who made public death threats against him after giving evidence for the prosecution in court. Meanwhile, Janet tries to support her colleague following devastating news.

Episode 4 Three weeks after reporting her husband missing, adult-film star Vicky Birkinshaw is arrested on suspicion of his murder. Rachel faces the task of going through the suspect’s home-made pornography collection in search of clues, but the case takes a dark twist when Vicky’s daughter turns up with her much older boyfriend. Meanwhile, Janet’s affair with a colleague is exposed.

Scott & Bailey2

Episode 5 Janet moves a step closer to tracking down Veronica’s killer while investigating a recent murder that bears similarities to the cold case. Rachel finds out about an affair Nick once had with a juror in the middle of a trial – a revelation that could end his career.

Episode 6 Rachel has a lucky escape while walking home when she narrowly avoids being hit by a car. Shaken, she starts pursuing the driver, who has fled on foot, and the next day she suspects the incident was an attempted murder – and that Nick may be involved. As she tries to deal with the revelation, Janet is left to take charge of the latest case – the gang shooting of a teenager whose friend is a key witness.

Detective drama, starring Lesley Sharp, Suranne Jones, Rupert Graves, Amelia Bullmore, Nicholas Gleaves, Ben Batt, Tony Pitts, Kevin Doyle, Sally Lindsay and Vincent Regan.

Well, I’ll just say one thing, I began watching the first episode on last thursday and today I’m at the middle of the last series. Sally Wainwright succeeded in creating main and second characters with an interesting storyline, and gripping murder cases.

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