Lewis – Series 8

Lewis_Series 8_a

Entry Wounds – The last run of the detective drama ended with Lewis starting a new life away from the force, but it seems that peace and quiet doesn’t suit him – which is just as well, as newly promoted DI Hathaway is struggling to find a sidekick, and within just four weeks is already on to his second sergeant, DS Lizzie Maddox. So, Ch Supt Innocent decides to reunite the former partners to look into the murder of a neurosurgeon, a case with potential links to the worlds of animal rights and blood sports. Suspicion falls on glamorous widow Erica, but it turns out there are plenty of other people in the victim’s inner circle who were driven by fear and loathing. Hathaway’s theory about whodunit falls apart – his prime suspect is found murdered. But is he a big enough man to accept some advice from his former mentor?

Lewis_Series 8_b

The Lions Of Nemea – Hathaway appears to have got over his fear of Lewis treading over his newly promoted toes. Their opposites have attracted in the past, and there seems no reason to suspect that they won’t now the younger man has got used to the idea of his former mentor coming out of retirement to lend him a hand. Even DS Maddox isn’t getting on Hathaway’s nerves quite as much, so this rejuvenated trio sets out to discover who murdered American classics student Rose Anderson, whose body has been hauled from the canal with neck and abdomen wounds. Nevertheless, a few red herrings threaten to get in their way of landing the killer. As Maddox hunts for drug dealer Harrison Sax, Hathaway is convinced the key to cracking the case lies in the stars and, desperate for answers, finds himself turning to one of the chief suspects for guidance.

Lewis_Series 8_c

Beyond Good And Evil – A case from 13 years earlier returns to haunt Lewis when the evidence comes under review. Graham Lawrie was incarcerated in a secure psychiatric hospital after being found guilty of the murders of three police officers, but now the findings of the forensics lab have been called into question and an appeal has been launched. As Lawrie remains locked up ahead of his day in court, PC Mark Travis is lured to an isolated location with a hoax call and falls victim to a killer who uses the same weapon as that used in the original murders.

Detective drama, starring Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox, Angela Griffin, Rebecca Front, Clare Holman, Jonny Phillips,  John Light and Alec Newman.

I recently read an interview with Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox about their coming back for this new series. Both actors seem reluctant to go on forever with their parts and I personally think that begins to show. Last series ending with Lewis retiring and Hathaway leaving the Police force made sense to me and we never get the answer to how and why the latter came back and got a promotion. It’s seems so out of character, as he never showed any ambition to get there in the first place! After 33 Inspector Morse and 30 Lewis stories, I think it’s time to move on … Endeavour, the other Inspector Morse’s spin off set in the 60s, seems much more promising as we are waiting for a new series.

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