Doctor Who – Last Christmas

Doctor Who_Last Christmas Poster

On Christmas Eve, Clara is woken by the sound of something on her rooftop, and is astonished to find Santa Claus, two elfs, a sleigh and flying reindeer. Although she tries to deny his existence as a fairytale, Santa questions if she still believes in them, before being interrupted by the Doctor who takes her into the TARDIS. At the North Pole, a group of scientists work on trying to save their fellow base personnel who have been taken over by crab-like creatures. The Doctor and Clara arrive and while introductions are being made, they come under attack from the crabs only to be rescued by Santa …

Sci-fi adventure, starring Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Nick Frost, Dan Starkey, Nathan McMullen, Faye Marsay, Natalie Gumede, Maureen Beattien, Michael Troughton and Samuel Anderson.

I had to watch this episode a second time to really appreciate it. In the style of Christopher Nolan’s Inception, we travel in a four level dream story. I love this episode, as between scary and hilarious moments, Steven Moffat added emotion and tenderness. Too bad we had to wait after the death of Danny to get the chance of watching the most beautiful scene written for him and Clara ! Furthermore, we had the pleasure to see the second Doctor’s son and Dan Starkey’s real face – who usually is hidden playing Strax’s part. Anyway, I’m glad that Jenna Coleman is staying for the 9th series and hope we’ll get some answers next year …

Doctor Who_Last Christmas

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