What Remains

What Remains

When a couple move into their new home to prepare for the arrival of their first baby, a leak dripping through the ceiling leads to a shocking discovery – a decomposed body in the loft of the flat above them. According to Michael and Vidya’s neighbours, no one has lived there for years and the previous occupant, Melissa, hasn’t been seen for some time. DI Len Harper sets out to make his last week before retirement count for something by investigating the case, despite a lack of support from his colleagues, and tries to uncover the secrets of those living in the building.

Murder mystery, starring David Threlfall, Russell Tovey, David Bamber, Steven Mackintosh, Indira Varma, Alexander Arnold and Claudie Blakley.

This four-part drama was pretty disturbing, almost all neighbours having something to hide about their relationship with the dead girl. It made me ill at ease. Regarding the end, it was really a little bit too much, in my opinion.

Whitechapel Series 4 – Case 1

Whitechapel Series 4 Case 1

Part one – Chandler, Miles and the team investigate the murder of a man crushed to death by stones. As the killer’s macabre methods become clearer, a second body is discovered and the detectives suspect the executions are being carried out by a witch hunter. However, their progress is impeded as links to 20th-century espionage attract attention from the security services.

Part two – A connection to a 16th-century murder seems to confirm someone is killing witches in Whitechapel. Chandler is on the case, but is there a malign influence at work within the team? The police station itself appears to pulsate with unexplained phenomena and even the usually hard-bitten Miles starts to ask questions.
Crime thriller, starring Rupert Penry-Jones, Phil Davis and Steve Pemberton.

That creepy story gave me goosebumps …